Tips to set a strong and memorable password

Set a strong easy to remember password

“Password” is still one of the most used passwords. That’s like if “baby name” was one of the most popular baby names. 🤦 Do us a #WorldPasswordDay solid and make sure yours is a bit more creative. 🔐 Read about how to create secure passwords here: https://t.co/Xpb7IkJB2D pic.twitter.com/SxNUhJ5RNu — Lenovo Canada (@LenovoCanada) May 7, 2020

Screenshots in Windows 10

One of the biggest strengths of Windows can also be a big weakness: there are way too many ways of accomplishing the same thing.  To help take out the confusion, read the helpful article explaining the differences of each method and find out what’s best for you. How to take screenshots in Windows 10: https://t.co/yt8LdlB50J […]

Digital Security On the Go

#DigitalNomads do work a little differently. Regardless of where you get it done, Webroot has a cybersecurity guide to working on the go. Check it out: https://t.co/yOLnZknCdI#remotework | #digitalnomad pic.twitter.com/DhwwfgwXQX — Webroot (@Webroot) September 9, 2019

Microsoft Tips

Did you know that Microsoft regularly publishes quick tips on how to use its products? Wondering how to perform a function or do a certain “thing” in Windows? Ask your IT Pro or follow the link below. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/tips/home