Tips to set a strong and memorable password

Set a strong easy to remember password

“Password” is still one of the most used passwords. That’s like if “baby name” was one of the most popular baby names. 🤦 Do us a #WorldPasswordDay solid and make sure yours is a bit more creative. 🔐 Read about how to create secure passwords here: https://t.co/Xpb7IkJB2D pic.twitter.com/SxNUhJ5RNu — Lenovo Canada (@LenovoCanada) May 7, 2020

Viruses & Ransomware in Ontario Hospitals

Additional details are being provided on the computer security attack at three Ontario hospitals. Unfortunately, now we wait for the other shoe to drop and see if there are more viruses lurking in the digital shadows of more Ontario healthcare facilities. Here’s what we know about the ransomware that hit 3 Ontario hospitals https://t.co/JGaW5CM3cp — […]

Listowel & Wingham Hospital Computer Health Crisis

You go to the hospital when you’re sick and have a healthcare emergency. But where do you go when your computer suffers a healthcare crisis? Your computer needs professional help just as much as a sick person. Your computer also needs a healthy lifestyle and ongoing preventative treatment from a proven cybersecurity product such as […]

Cyber Attack on Woodstock, ON

Computer security issue close to home with a virus attack on the City of Woodstock (Ontario) computer systems. You can learn to protect yourself against such attacks with Webroot Security Awareness Training and then using a solid antivirus product such as Webroot Endpoint Protection. City of Woodstock hit by a cyber attack | CBC News […]

Disposed Hard Drive Privacy Risk

When disposing of your personal or business computer, always have your trusted tech provider professionally wipe the drive so your private information cannot be recovered. Your privacy matters. https://t.co/Z2L8eeKt6o — gSolutions.ca (@GsolutionsMsp) September 24, 2019

Kitchener “fraud laboratory”

In case you think fraud and cybercrime is an “elsewhere” problem, those living in our area should note the fraud in our own backyard…   ‘Identity fraud laboratory’ uncovered in Kitchener https://t.co/bUtA6dZ243 — KitchenerToday (@KitchenerToday) September 21, 2019

How Cybercriminals Use YOU Against Yourself

Cybercriminals know where to find important information on your device and how to use it. This episode of the Hacker Files explains how Tesla’s Amazon Web Services were targeted by a cryptojacking attack. https://t.co/UYEQuLUBF9#Cybersecurity | #Cryptocurrency — Webroot (@Webroot) September 7, 2019

Spotting Fake Tech Support Scams

Whether through phone calls, pop-ups, or fake websites, tech support scams are a tried-and-true strategy for getting targets to let their guard down. Here’s how to spot them: https://t.co/GX4JHWaEtD#identitytheft | #cybersecurity pic.twitter.com/0TpLrcnCmN — Webroot (@Webroot) September 16, 2019