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Our Solutions

gSolutions provides complete Information Technology (IT) solutions for your company.  As an IT service provider based in Guelph, Ontario, we specialize in computer networking services for Small and Medium Business (SMB) including equipment sales and support. If you need repairs to your current individual computers or need us to maintain your complete computer network, we can help.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions monitor (RMM) and proactively take care of your entire business network including computer hardware, operating systems and a whole suite of related services. Take a look at the different IT areas of your business that we can help you manage. Contact us and let us prove to you how we can help you and your company.


Computer Hardware

Looking for computers, printers, displays or accessories like keyboards, webcams and mice? We supply, install and maintain equipment from major manufacturers like Intel, Lenovo, HP and Lexmark.


Software Apps

Standard Office Applications like Microsoft Office and Google gSuite keep you productive day to day. We also help you with specialized apps for your operations like Point-Of-Sale, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Design (CAD, Raster/Vector) software.


Service & Maintenance

In addition to individual services such as break/fix, installation and special projects, we supply full service IT solutions.
As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) we provide remote monitoring (RMM), security, support, maintenance and hosting.



We build, manage and service both wired (CAT5/6 Ethernet) and Wireless networks. When you need additional network cabling or telephone services, our gSolutions partner TechsGo provides. Having issues with your wireless coverage? We perform onsite Wi-Fi assessment and optimization. Through it all, we ensure your network is secure.



Computer security involves more than just Anti-virus protection. Today's environment requires a holistic approach to achieve cyber-resilience. You need ongoing protection as well as a plan to recover information when data loss occurs. We provide: auditing, remediation, backup, offsite (Cloud) storage and other services.



Many customers need help with facility projects to setup training rooms or create new physically distanced workspaces. WFH means more than just sitting at home with a notebook computer or tablet. We help with full setup including ergonomic advice and will keep you running healthy and confidently. We will also tutor your personnel and educate you about the tech.

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Major Brands

We represent major manufacturers for a variety of hardware and software products.  When you need new computer equipment or software, want to manage your software licenses or need support for your existing systems, we will help.

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Making IT Work for You

You rely on your computers to make your business function.  Unfortunately, we see business owners regularly struggle with their network or computers rather than working on their business.  Often, many managers are promised massive benefits from technology only to be disappointed when the “cool” system or feature doesn’t work as advertised. Worse still, many IT service providers are anything but supportive. gSolutions works hard to be different.

gSolutions not only keeps your computers running, but we show you how to make better use of what you have and will support you along the way.

+ 15 %
Organizations say 1hr downtime costs them $100,000
+ 5 %
of Computer Security breaches target Small-to-Medium Business
+ 0.1 Bn
Minutes spent in Microsoft Teams Meetings Per DAY in Quarantine

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